About Us

Founded twenty years ago by the Korta-Bucarey family of Basque origin, Korta Winery and Vineyards is currently one of the most important wineries in the Maule Region of Chile, specifically located in the Valley of Sagrada Familia, one of the oldest in the country and famous for its great agricultural development, its farming traditions, and the exceptional quality of its climate and soil.

It was around 1997 when Don Francisco Corta Gurruchaga and Mrs. Amanda Bucarey Fuentes made the decision to get fully involved in the wine making business, drawing upon their vast experience gained over the years in various farming businesses.

That year the family acquired the historic Santa Ana de Peteroa country estate, one of the most emblematic places in the region; a memorial commemorating Lautaro´s death, an Indian Chief, lies there. Later on, assisted by the best viticulture and enology consultants in the country, the planting of wine grapes varieties that have characterized Korta Wines was started, that is, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and Carignan, among other varieties.


Ackowledged as a family business that makes wines of the highest quality, Korta Wines was established in 1997.

This is a Chilean winery located in the Valley of Sagrada Familia, 200 km from Santiago, Chile, in one of the best valleys in the country. The original project was born out of one of Don Francisco Corta Gurruchaga´s most ambicious and challenging ideas, having the loyal mission of making unique quality wines, that can also deliver wine consumers a great experience during a guided tour through flavors and aromas.

Our Team

Francisco Corta Bucarey

Korta Wines General Manager

Consuelo Corta Bucarey

Korta Wines Domestic Market Manager

Ricardo Pérez Cruz

Korta Wines Chief Enologist

Ignacio Gurtubay Pérez

Korta Wines Farm Manager